• Ann Marie Durlacher


Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I'm a seeker, always open to podcasts, articles, books, foods, places, people and anything that inspires me to elevate my life, my health and happiness. Sometimes these finds feel like game changers, there's a world of amazing information out there! I thought if they influenced me, they might influence you too. So here are my latest finds. And here's to raising our collective vibration!

HUGE fan of Dr. Mark Hyman. This podcast will teach you so much about the effects of sugar - and life stories from Tom Hopper and Keegan Allen.

Does Reiki really help? matter the ailment, reiki helps you feel better. Pamela Miles explains how and why balance matters.

What direction do you sleep in? In Ayurveda, it makes a difference to your mood, learning, and health. Check it out - why you may want to turn it around!

To cool down and balance the heat of summer, Ayurveda recommends trading hot and spicy foods for ones that are cool and juicy. Think watermelon, cucumbers, and mint. Here's a quick overview and a few yummy recipes that will cool your senses.

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