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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

When you're antenna is always up for new and fun ways to elevate happiness and health, you come across some pretty cool stuff. There's something for everyone here: a connection between Ayurveda and planets (?!), the healing power of laughing, a way to really know your gut and your very own superfoods. These and more. Enjoy!

Who can argue that a good laugh is anything but great medicine? I think/know we all need the healing benefits of laughter now MORE THAN EVER. Learn here about easy sources you can turn to for a quick giggle and some much needed stress relief. Can you say TikTok?...

This MindBodyGreen article explains how, in ayurveda, there's one planet that's dominant for each day of the week. For example, Tuesday is governed by Mars with qualities of heat, fire and energy. This is a great day to tackle the hard work and be super productive. Learn how to line up the energy of the planet with your schedule and optimize your week's productivity and balance!

Truth be told, if you're anything like me you've had some digestive issues over the years. I've eaten well and been stumped as to why I've still struggled. Recently I heard about Viome. Viome is a company who, through sending a sample, can analyze all the organisms in your gut and recommend foods and supplements to optimize your digestion and health. I've learned which foods are my kryptonite and which are my superfoods. I'm excited to use this new knowledge for 90 days and retest - I'll let you know!

Hugh Byrne is a teacher, trainer and author on mindfulness and compassion for spiritual and social transformation and a lead teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Greater Washington (IMCW). His guided meditations are thoughtful and gentle and he often uses lessons and poetry for understanding and clarity. A friend of mine and I have a standing weekly date to catch up and listen. On his website you'll find a variety to choose from depending on what you're looking for - all free. Here's a short meditation from Byrne on mindfulness.

Summer in Ayurveda is known as the pitta (fire) season. When pitta is excessive, we can feel hot, irritable, and aggravated. With recent temperatures in the high 90s, more than a few of us can relate. To bring that fire down and balance our minds and bodies, look for sweet and hydrating foods. Cooling, juicy fruits like watermelon and cooling herbs like mint are perfect choices. Here's a delicious recipe for watermelon salad that will satisfy and put out the fire.

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