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Here are some cool things that inspired me this month. The common denominator is that they all serve to support us - calm our anxiety, teach us mindfulness, and bring us some much needed comfort. We could all use some about now, amirite? I am excited to share, hoping that you find your own inspiration and support for vitality and well-being.

In lieu of attending his college graduation, Jay Shetty headed to India to become a monk. He spent three years meditating 4-8 hours a day, devoting his life to others. He was then guided to return and share his wisdom with the world. Jay ultimately became a Forbes 30 Under 30 influencer for his lessons on well-being, purpose and mindfulness. This is a life changer book with practical daily guidance we all can benefit from.

During this ever challenging year, so many of us struggle with anxiety, racing thoughts and spend way too much time in our heads. In Ayurveda, this can cause an imbalance of Vata. Vata is the energy group (dosha) of air and space, and an overabundance can leave us feeling too light, unfocused, and scattered. We recommend adding practices to bring comfort and stability to your foundation, which will calm the body and mind. A weighted blanket will ground your energy to relax and balance your system. I'm a huge fan! Here's an article from Health magazine on weighted blankets and links to the top ten options.

Magnesium plays a vital role in heart health, muscle function, blood pressure, bowel function, and stress management. Many of us don't get enough magnesium and in addition, stress depletes the levels we have in our body. We all need all the help we can get and this is an easy way to counteract the effects of stress. This supplement is part of my daily routine and makes a big difference in helping me to relax and sleep. Click on the picture to link if you'd like to order Calm. And here's an informational article on Magnesium and anxiety.

It's officially fall, and nothing speaks to comfort more than a warm bowl of soup. Here is a pumpkin soup recipe made with coconut milk instead of cream. It's dairy free, vegan, gluten free and thoroughly delicious. (We are big fans of Jessica in the Kitchen - she's got a great Instagram game). In Ayurveda, the onset of fall brings cool, dry, and light elements. Food that are warm, heavy, and nourishing will balance and sustain us. Food is medicine, food is love. Enjoy!

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